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The U.S. House Agriculture Committee held its first pre-farm bill hearing Wednesday, hearing from agriculture economists about the current dire farm economic conditions. The 2014 farm bill was written at a time of record highs in net farm income. But farm income since has since dropped 49 percent, from more than $120 billion in 2013 to a projected $62.3 billion in 2017. Farm & Country Radio host Ty Higgins has more in this week's Farm News & Notes.

This week’s Featured Farmer is Crawfordsville, Indiana’s Joe Mills. He has grown corn and soybeans and has raised beef cattle for many years, but recently made a decision to grown non-GMO corn to feed his cattle. That and raising cover crops, are two of the reasons that Mills refers to himself as The Hippie Farmer. Find out more about Mills in this week's conversation with Farm & Country Radio host Ty Higgins.

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